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Kittenallie's Livejournal Icons' Journal

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Tuesday, October 21st, 2003
4:12 pm - Icon Requesting Community
New community ...great icon makers...

Since its new about 95% of all requests are being filled...read the rules please


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Sunday, August 10th, 2003
1) PLEASE let me know if you are using any of my icons.
2) I would like some sort of acknowledgement if you use alot of my icons. Either in the keywords or in your journal. For journal reference use icons_by_allie or the community kittenallieicon. For website reference please use http://kittenallie.tripod.com. I will also be making some little banners if you wish to link to my icon site or icon community discussion journal.
3) Customize as you wish with the base images. I would love to see any customizations to see how you envisioned the icon.
4) PLEASE do not try to claim my icons and if you customize do not ask others to give you credit. If you couldn't spend the time finding the image to customize its not your icon completely.
5) Hope you enjoy the icons and PLEASE let me know if you wish for me to make a series. Please limit to a character, animal, etc. Its much easier to find one thing then the cast of characters. If you love a show and want multiple characters list individually. Some series are harder to do then others.
6) Join Kittenallieicon - a community dedicated to discussion of my icons
7) Leave a message if you us any of my icons (guestbook or on the community site)
8) Please limit yourself to 10 icons dowload per hour
9) If you have an icon site and want to be linked, leave a message in the community.

Please comment if you have read the rules.

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